Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Black ; sleak, sexy, bold. but is it a color or an absence of?

Black can be the safest route to go or the most daring when applied to fashion or interiors. But is black really a color or an absence of? its a complicated explaination that doesn't seem to have a straight answer. some say it is when others say it isn't and when i tried to fiqure it out i just found myself re-reading explanations and still not understanding them. but i do know this; black has a powerfull presence. it can be viewed as sophisticated, bold and eye catching and when joined with a contrasting accent such as white or chrome there is no denying the obvious, with all of this visual power i have to say that black is definatly not an absence of.

He loves me not flower pedal chair by Sand & Birch

How pretty is this chair from Lilly Lace

Wall paper by Graham & Brown

Kitchen by HGTV

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