Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shop at home; literally

Whether you need to tie colors together with art work, hide the bottom of an awkward structure or need a space for computer work and books, you may not have to search very far, your solution could be found right at home.
Tie your colors together

I couldn't find any art work, on my budget, that carried just the right colors or the style that i wanted to portray. So, I cut out some of my favorite images out of an interior design book that i have, and used them as artwork. I placed them in a $10 plastic picture frame which fit right into my budget. I love walking by these images everyday... Just an FYI, I couldn't get a good shot of the picture on the wall from the glare of the lights so i took it down onto my sofa for the picture, sorry if it looks a little funny, it looks really nice on the wall

Hide that structure, or what you can of it.

I have this awkward column in the middle of my living room, my sofa is angled in front and when viewed from the back it was an eye soar. A sofa table wouldn't work and i didn't want to close the space up with a room divider. I took this wicker laundry basket (which just delayed my laundry from getting done, being hidden away in this pretty basket) and stuffed it with blankets. I threw a decorative pillow on top and angled the cover so that the entire bottom was hidden. Now, I actually like having the column there, it brings charactor to the space.
Small computer space

Ok this is not the best picture of my desk, it's alittle messy and i had to place that cardboard in front of my horrible outlets that stick out like a sore thumb... But back to the space. This one isn't as easy as the others and Im quilty of purchesing all of the materials, but you may have them at home. This desk is actually 2 unfinished, wooden counter stools that I bought at AC MOORE, I spraypainted them and a piece of lumber from home depot, black. the lumber is what was used for the top. I secured the piece of lumber to the stools with wood glue, and screws. screwing in from the bottom of the stool seats. the once known foot rests are now covered with bamboo placemats and simple black craft boxes which act as my drawers.


foxxxyboxxxy said...

oh the picture frame thing. i did something like that about a couple weeks ago! i had these 4 bright colored frames that i hand't used and needed to hang something over our sofa. our living room is like this mustard color and surf themed. i ended up googling and printing out pictures of a sea turtle and clownfish and stuff and just framing the pictures. they look pretty awesome. maybe i'll take a pic and show off. lol.

Marialette said...

I love the shower curtains. Where can I get these? They're so colourful, and would fit perfectly with my duvet (quilt) cover. As I type a handyman is making a bespoke wardrobe in the bedroom, and the curtains would be ansolutely wonderful.
Please send me an email!