Friday, August 8, 2008

Want it... Need it... What the **** is it?

Want it... This pendant from is so pretty and if I had $500 to spare i would buy it in a heartbeat. How beautiful would this look in the right dining room over just the right table? What a statement.Need it... Light emitting wallpaper by Jonah Samson. Lights up with the touch of a button, when you turn it off it goes back to its original state of wallpaper. It was created to show that 2 dimensional pieces could be a great source of light. Creative and magical.

What the **** is it?...OK, now im all for modern furniture and simple design, but i just don't get this one. And no it's not exersize equipment it's an accual chair. Anything with a metal back rest and sturups seems scary to me and any woman at that. I'm not dissing the designer (varier furniture) by any means, we need people like this to challenge our own imaginations, but seriously im scared :)

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