Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just grab your eraser

We all fall victim to the thought of perfection, sometimes thats a good thing while other times its just added agravation to our already stressful lives. When it comes to your own personal space, relax and have fun with it. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Take advantage of what you have, play around with colors and textures and never say "I can't do that". Yes, there are plenty of rights and wrongs in space planning and interior design in general but if it's your space and if you enjoy what you see that's all that truely matters, which means there are no wrong moves or wrong style choices. I like to think of design as a writting process, your first draft is never the final copy. There are plenty of spelling errors and run on sentences that you may have to go back and change. But whats wrong with that? Just hit backspace or grab your eraser. In design you may have to rearange your furniture 5 times, move pictures and accessories all around the room and the one thing that I'm too familliar with, you may have to paint your wall a few different shades to get that "perfect" color. There have been plenty of times where people have doubted my choices and couldn't visualize what I had planned. For instance, my headboard or my desk, some people where skepticle on the ideas, but I tryed them and I'm glad I did. Don't think I didn't have to paint that orange faux finished wall 3 different times either, before finding the one that worked (I'm telling you the paint on that wall has got to be an inch thick). So all I'm saying is don't be afraid to write your story even if you have to rewrite it many times, just remember there is always an eraser close by.

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