Monday, August 11, 2008

Interior stories

when thinking about decorating your home, think of it as a story that you are trying to tell. colors and fabrics along with a few minor accessories could add just the right details for your story to be told.
suductive colors, ornate details and a passionate love for rich fabrics all make up this moroccan-inspired, interior story
if i had no budget to work with and a large enough living space, this is the perfect example of what you would see if you walked through my door. i am a huge fan of moroccan inspired atmospheres. i love the deep moroon, violet and gold color pallettes that are usually introduced in moroccan interiors. the iron and solid wood, ornate furnishings along with satin and shear fabrics are all part of this interior although this photo of an event tent is a dramatic statement for a home, you can still achieve a similar feel with the right decorative pieces and color choices without giving your space a "disney world" apparence. as you seen earlier, there are many pieces in my home which i created to be my representation of a moroccan theme. fabrics, colors and detail. here are some other ways that i brought this environment to life, my way.

i used this dramatic color on an accent wall and painted gold stenciled emblems for more moroccan influence

i also used a rustic orange paint with an applied faux finish on another wall to bring in texture from the details

here i used a rattan covered wire purchased at michaels craft store, and hot glued it around a glass vase for an added natural appearance

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