Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Forget "design on a dime" what about design on a students pay check

We all know that its not cheap to redecorate your home every time you get an erge or a vision, and we all know that if we want it bad enough we will spend the money. but why buy, when you can create. add decorative elements to your home with your own personal touch. here are some fun, affordable ideas that worked for me.

Adding color and texture

This is an easy one. all i did was hang two $20 shower curtains, yes shower curtains, on each side of my sofa table to add pops of color and balance to the room. i purchased curtain rods at the christmas tree shop for $3 a pair. I also found this shear fabric discounted at $3.99/yrd, and hung it on another curtain rod to act as a room divider. i chose to gather the fabric to one side so it wouldn't cut off a visual to the other room.

Boring chairs; Dress them up!

I was getting bored with my pub table with its solid frame and deep wood tone, so i decided to dress it up. i found this shimmering fabric with gold design on the discount rack at my local fabric store, $2.99/yrd. when i found this fabric i had pillows in mind. i quess i got sale happy because i bought enough fabric to make 10 pillows. so instead of flooding my sofa i came up with an idea to lay it over my chairs and tie ribbon threw the spindles. i also rolled up scraps to make matching napkins. this not only helps break up the wood tone but it also ties the two rooms together.

Can't afford accent furniture? You know what I'm going to say. Make it!

Remember the sofa table from picture 1. well yes its homemade. the legs are actually two slender side tables that i have had for years, the top is a $10, plastic picture frame from micheals craft store. I spray painted the inside of the frame with black shimmering spraypaint, and added beaded trim to the front. i didnt want to secure the objects together incase i needed the tables for other uses. so as long as i limit the objects that i put on top, it will hold up just fine.

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