Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dress your home for fall...

As the seasons change from bright summer days to cool fall nights, so do our wordrobes. We tuck away our shorts and open toe shoes and shop for sweaters and boots. We gradually see changes in the stores, colors get deeper, fabrics gets thicker and skirts get longer. But with these depressing months ahead, comes the feeling of warmth and family and my personal favorite... curling up under the blankets. So if more time is spent at home with friends and family don't you think your home needs a makeover as well. Dress your home for fall. With the simple change of accessories to the more drastic change of wall colors, your space can represent the seasons just as good as you do.

Don't think you have to limit youself to brown and orange, fall colors are all the colors of the rainbow, only the more muted shades rather than vibrant tints. Greens, purples and blues. You can mix it up with accents of bright red or shimering gold. Animal print in small portions and natural materials like wicker baskets and wooden furniture. Larger candles, extra pillows and a new, warm throw with set the mood for the change in seasons.

Some finds...
(from apartment therapy)

This zebra print chair and yellow/gold accent pillow, bring a sence of warmth with an inviting atmosphere. The natural materials such as, the flower pot and basket in the background, all tie into this fun, fall design.

Here you see the brighter colors of the rainbow... With its retro furniture, and modern touches, this room has unique characteristics. The bright trim around the windows, the eclectic style and pattern of accessories and the splash of bright color with saturated accents.

Who said fall was limited to brown and orange?

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