Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Inspired by nature

In my color/composition class last quater, we had to take pictures of nature to disect the colors and textures of our surrondings. I went to the lake near my house to find images and inspiration, and fell in love with what I captured. It's amazing how differently you can view an object when you zoom in or angle your camera in various ways. These are just a few of my favorite photos that I may someday use as artwork.

I dont know about you but i don't see bark on a tree as an image of inspiration, but this close up filled with texture and various intervals of value, might get a place on my wall some day maybe printed in black & white.

This is a fun one and great if you need a touch of green. If i were going to hang this on my wall, i would blow it up and cut it into cubes to be placed in a grid pattern on the wall.

Where water meets sand

This calm water against the rough sand brings me peace of mind. I love how the ripples in the lake compliment the layout of the stems on land.

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